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My wife drives me crazy!

If you're like my wife, you wait until the very last possible moment to fill up your gas tank. She routinely waits until the needle is beyond the E before heading to a gas station. While she's never run out of gas, she pushes the limit. I can't seem to get her to understand that filling up BEFORE she sees empty is better for her own stress and for the car. Thankfully, she does understand this concept about getting adjusted.

While she's fine letting her car get to empty, she understands that for herself and our children, they must take action BEFORE they start to feel symptoms (are on Empty). Rather than going several weeks or months without an adjustment, she and my kids maintain a healthy spine as a proactive act... they regularly get adjusted to stay on track or "filled up" rather than simply relying on how they feel. They don't wait until they are hurting so badly they can't do things they love. They don't wait until Empty to get adjusted.

Maintaining a healthy spine must be a proactive approach- something you do regularly and not based on how you feel. Don't wait until the pain is so bad it stops you from doing the things you love - fill your Chiropractic tank BEFORE it gets too low; see your chiropractor today!

Dr. Scott, Brahmer

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