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What will it cost?

We understand you want to know how much care will cost.

Since there are many different options in care, which vary based on individual needs,
we have provided a range of costs below that will help you budget for your care. 

Most Commonly Requested Fees

New Patient Exam with X-rays  ~  $180 - $250

Adjustments  ~  $55 - $79

Massage Therapy ~  $90 - $175

Same Day Massage Cancellation Fee ~ $40

Once we know what's being recommended, we will always let you know the cost ahead of time.

Self Pay

If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not have chiropractic or massage benefits, don't worry! A lot of our patients are self pay. 

The great thing about being self pay is there are no hoops
to jump through - you
know your exact cost at the time of service. No waiting for claims to process and you do not have to worry about unexpected insurance denials.

Billing Insurance

Everyone's insurance is different and may have different stipulations. 

Your cost will depend on your insurance companies' allowed amounts,
no matter what the amount a provider bills to them. 

You may have a deductible, coinsurance or a copay. 

Common Insurance Terms

- The amount a patient is responsible to pay, per year, BEFORE insurance begins to pay their portion. This amount is set by your insurance company.

Copay - The amount a patient is responsible to pay for a service.
This amount DOES NOT change based on the cost of


Coinsurance - The amount a patient is responsible to pay for a service.
This amount DOES change (it's a percentage) based on the cost of services.

Out of Pocket Max: This is the max amount you will pay in one year. After this is met, insurance will pay 100% of care. This amount is usually in the thousands of dollars.

Pre-Authorization: Some insurance companies give you a certain amount of visits per year but then require providers to get a pre-authorization for you to use those visits. This is different than a referral. 

Referral: A referral is usually needed when you do not have any benefits for a service. Typically this is written by a primary care provider and is sent directly to our office by that provider. Keep in mind, a referral does not always mean covered services.

Important to be aware of with Insurance

We can not control how insurance will process claims.

Insurance will not guarantee any information they give to us about your benefits.

For that reason, we can only give you estimations.


By calling your insurance and finding out your benefits, you are advocating for yourself and gaining the knowledge necessary to avoid insurance denials. 

We will not know if something is covered until claims get processed by insurance,
typically takes 30 days for insurance to process the claim

We will do everything we can to get your claims covered.


Once we know what services you will be using,

we will always let you know the cost ahead of time.

You can learn more about BIB's Good Faith Estimate Notice here

Get started with care today

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