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Your Body's To Do List

Your sciatica isn't easing as fast as you'd like.

Your chronic migraines are slow to ease. Your neck is still feeling off.

Healing doesn't happen at the rate we decide on, and there's a good reason why. The "doctor" inside us - our body's innate intelligence- has a long list of things to do just to keep us alive, like digesting breakfast, re-creating new liver tissue, keeping our heart beating, regulating hormones, etc. The prioritizing of these tasks don't always line up with how we want them processed. Sometimes the problem highest on our list, isn't the most important to our body. But rest assured, your body is aware of every line item.

Giving your body the best possible circumstances to maintain the "To Do List" is so important. This includes eating well, getting enough sleep, and limiting those bad habits.

To give your body the best possible chance of healing, it's important to recognize three stressors, which can majorly impact your body's ability to focus on it's "To Do List:"

1. Chemical Stress - chemically and genetically modified foods, poor diet, environmental pollution, prescription and recreational drugs, excessive alcohol, smoking, etc.

2. Physical Stress- This isn't always something as drastic as an injury or strain. Often, sitting for longs periods of time or repetitive lifting and bending are just as harmful.

3. Emotional Stress- Work, family, relationships, and city life can all be significant sources of stress which in turn can have an enormous effect on our body's ability to function well.

Now that you know, focus on ways to minimize the stressors on your body. Let's face it- we cannot live life without some stressors- but it's up to you, right now, to make the changes needed; the changes you can control, in order to give your body the best chance possible to get it's "To Do List" not only done, but done efficiently and successfully.

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