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The Right Pause Button for the Holidays

It’s the holidays! We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving trips and food, munching on leftover Halloween candy, families, shopping, travelling, colder weather, and daylight savings. Not to mention those insane Black Friday shopping days and holiday sales coming up. These last few months of the year can be stressful ones, even with all the good things happening.

Here are some tips to consider during these bustling winter months so that you can feel your best coming into the new year and coming in to spending meaningful time with loved ones.

Don’t hit pause on your care, hit pause to GET care:

Between what’s expected from your job, your holiday commitments, your everyday life, schedule in times to hit pause and take care of YOU. These holidays won’t be as fun if you’re not taking the steps to care the best care of yourself.

Many people start working on projects to give as gifts that require a lot of bodily work. For example, crocheting a gift will looking down and sitting for so long can cause significant muscle tension, misalignment, and pain. For some, work picks up or work hours increase to take care of everything before the end of the year or to accommodate the increased shopping and business that happens in the final quarter Even sitting in a car for longer periods of time to do all the shopping and visiting during this time can affect your body’s alignment. Not to mention the havoc that increased stress levels can release on the body.

Hit the right pause button by giving yourself time for self-care. You can do this by keeping your chiropractic appointments, get a massage, take a moment to breathe and practice gratitude. If you're new to our office, schedule some time to meet with one of our chiropractors for spinal and nervous system support to bring you to optimal health.

We’re thankful for YOU reader, and for our patients! For more healthy tips, come see us! Our Vancouver chiropractors are always happy to support your wellness journey.

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