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Summer Road Trip Tips

Long road trips are part of summer fun but don't let stiff joints keep you down once you get to your destination! Be sure to stretch often during your road trip- you can do this right in your seat. See three tips below:

1. Keep your neck mobile by pushing your shoulders back as far as possible (try and have the back of your shoulders touch the seat behind you, if possible). While keeping your shoulders as far back as possible, tuck your chin and hold. You should feel the stretch in the back of your neck.

2. If your car has cruise control, put it on and use the chance to stretch your lower legs. Raise up on your toes, release and dig your heels into the floor, raising your toes. Repeat a few times. Always stay alert to braking needs while doing this stretch.

3. Keep a tennis or lacrosse ball handy on the drive. If you find you have a tight spot, tuck the ball between your back and seat and gently apply your own weight onto the ball. This can be done on your back or thigh areas. This is a great way to roll out tight muscles, but keep your sessions to 10-15 minutes as to not overdo it and get too sore.

Always make sure to keep your eyes on the road and use caution at all times while driving and stretching.

Have a great summer!

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