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Stretching Low Back Pain Away

Stretch out those hamstrings

“I have more low back pain patients who sit at desk all day than are manual laborers,” says Dr. Bang. Our hamstrings get locked up from spending so many hours sitting in a chair, says Bang. “So when we try to stand up from sitting, our hamstrings pull on our pelvis, causing mis-alignments in the spine and all kinds of pain."

But a few simple stretches can counter this effect. While lying on your back, wrap a yoga belt around your foot and pull your leg up, keeping it straight. Feel the stretch along the back of your leg. Then try to stretch your leg across the groin—over the left leg to right and vice versa—and then out and away from your body towards your hips and.

Work yourself up to holding the stretches for 90 seconds. Continue to do this stretch a few times a week and see just how much it could help your low back pain.

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