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Online Scheduling Now Available for Existing Patients

Did you know, you can now fully schedule your chiropractic appointments online? It's quick and easy and helps save you time.

Use this link to schedule your appointments online from your desktop computer:

Want easy access on-the-go? Don't forget to download our scheduling app on your smartphone to make, reschedule and view all your chiropractic appointments. From your phone's app store, search The Scheduling App or visit this link:

The setup process takes just a few minutes.

1. You will need to call/text our office 360-718-2346 to get our Clinic ID before you can register.

2. Register your account

3. Upon registration you will be given an access code which will securely link your account.

4. You can setup Face ID to access the app quickly.

5. You can control notifications for the app under settings, including text and app notifications.

6. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to call or text our office!

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