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Micro-Managing your Healing

No one likes to be micro-managed, someone watching every move they make, looking for any excuse to criticize their work, especially if they were hired for the ability to get the job done. A boss' trust, patience and appreciation will motivate more than fear and uncertainty.

Successful business owners know it's best to hire great talent and TRUST them to do the job they were hired to do without the need for constant management. Healing is no different.

When it comes to overcoming an illness or injury, you already possess an expert "employee" (your body's innate intelligence) which knows how to address, adapt and correct disruptions in your health. So forget trying to micro-manage its work from the outside.

Looking over your body's shoulder while its trying to do its job and heal won't help matters any- and in fact, it could slow your recovery process down. When it comes to healing, cut your body some slack... The doctor inside you knows way more about what needs to be done and when it has to be done to bring you back to health. To get the best out of your healing time, patience and appreciation, rest and time to heal will go a long way.

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Karla Garrison
Karla Garrison
May 29, 2022

Great post thannk you

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