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Don't let SAD get to you this Winter

Winter can be a magical time of twinkling lights, enjoying time with loved ones, and plenty of holiday cheer. It can be a bummer for folks like us who live in parts of the world in which we get less sunlight per year and the winter can be a cloudy and grey time of year. For some, however, the lack of daylight can affect their bodies so much they exhibit symptoms of seasonal depression. This time of year can bring a heavy dose of the Winter Blues, or its more serious form Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Symptoms associated with SAD or the milder “Winter Blues” happen during the fall and winter months. Symptoms can include lower energy levels, trouble getting out of bed, oversleeping, craving carbs and sugary foods, weight gain, difficulty focusing, lower mood, sadness or hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities that normally brought joy. This can be especially hard to go through during the holiday season.

Risk factors include family history of SAD or clinical depression, already having clinical depression (which can worsen for some during this season), living further north or south of the equator, being female (though males tend to have more severe symptoms).

The most common therapies recommended are light therapy, taking a vitamin D supplement, or in some cases, antidepressants. Other ways to help include spending more time outside, especially in the morning, improving diet, and keeping a regular exercise routine. But there are other treatment options available, including chiropractic and massage!

Massage therapy can be a great, natural therapy with great benefits including:

· Release endorphins to boost mood and regulate appetite

· Boost serotonin levels (which is a major neurotransmitter in depression and anxiety affecting mood and sleep)

· Deepen/regulate sleep and the circadian rhythm

· Increase energy levels

· Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Chiropractic is another natural treatment that can help with SAD and the winter blues.

Chiropractic care aligns your spine which helps your brain and nervous system communicate clearly with the rest of the body. The spine can come out of alignment with misalignments caused by the stress of mental illness. Chiropractic doctors adjust these misalignments. Not only can adjustments help with back and joint pain, but they help your whole body reach a state of wellness.

Chiropractic adjustments can:

· improve sleep

· release endorphins to boost mood and energy

· increase mental clarity and focus

· help nervous system to work in harmony with the body’s other systems

Our Vancouver chiropractors and massage therapists want to help you light up this and every season!

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