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Mobile App Step-by-Step Installation and User Directions

On the App Store or Google Play, search THE SCHEDULING APP

Download the app to your mobile phone and Allow notifications.  


Enter our office's unique Clinic ID to securely 

sync your account. 

Our Clinic ID: MUVCBB

Agree to the Terms of Service.

Confirm we are the correct clinic:

Body in Balance Chiropractic 

Phone Screen
clinic Id.png
Phone Screen
agree to terms.png
Phone Screen

Scroll down to the REGISTER button. 

You must do this first before you can access the system. 

Register Account. 

Complete the information requested using the email and cell phone number you have on file with our office. If you don't remember which number you used, please text or call us and we can help. 

Press Request Access Token

You should receive a text message or an email within a few minutes with an access token. You may need to check your email spam folder.

Phone Screen
register account.png
Phone Screen

Enter Access Token and press continue. 

You are now ready to schedule an appointment online.

Simply press: Schedule New Appointment.

Chose Appointment type

Chose your provider

Chose Date and available Time

Phone Screen
schedule apts.png
Phone Screen
select type and provider.png
Phone Screen
select time.png

Confirm the appointment details are correct and press: Schedule this Appointment

Depending on how your notifications are setup, you will get an email and/or text confirming the appointment has been scheduled. 

Phone Screen
confirm and schedule apt.png
conf message.png
Phone Screen
Phone Screen
upcoming apts.png
Phone Screen

View all of your upcoming chiropractic appointments online. 

If you click on an appointment you have the option to Reschedule Appointment


Press the Settings button to manage notifications. 

You can turn on both or just one option for Text and/or Email


Phone Screen
Phone Screen
face id.png

To turn on Face ID, enter your email or phone number and password and then select Login with Face ID. The next time you log in, the Face ID will be activated. To turn Face ID off, go to settings and turn off. 


If you have any issues, we recommend deleting the app and reinstalling to see if that solves the problem. Please feel free to call or text our office (360) 718-2346 for help! 


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