Hand Massage


Give the gift of Massage - for Yourself or as a Gift

If you'd like to purchase a wellness massage, either for yourself or as a gift, we'd be happy to help. 

  •      One, wellness massage ~ $82

  •      Massage Package

    • Set of 6    ($75 per massage - $450 total)

    • Set of 12    ($66 per massage- $792 total)

    • Set of 24    ($62 per massage- $1488 total)

To purchase any of the above items for yourself online, please complete the form below, like normal. 

To purchase any of the above items as a gift online, please complete the form below.  
     Option 1- 
Purchase online and we will mail the recipient the paper Massage gift certificate. 

     Option 2- Purchase online and we can send a gift certificate "text" to the recipient 


  • When filling out the information below, please add the recipient's name in the Patient First and Last Name field. 

  • In the note section, indicate which gift option (above - option 1 or 2) you would like to do

  • Please include the recipient's Phone and Email in the Patient Information area. 

  • Please add your information/billing information in Payment and Billing Information area

  • After purchasing, you will receive a payment receipt. 

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