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Response to COVID-19

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Hand Hygiene

Dear valued practice members, 

I wanted to personally write to you regarding the Coronavirus to let you know how we will be proceeding as a health care office. First and foremost, we have and will always have your highest health and safety as our number one priority. We are constantly following updates given by the CDC, state and federal government to ensure we are operating within proper guidelines.


As I write this, Body in Balance is authorized to remain open and continue serving our community. Our goal is to provide pain relief care to patients who would otherwise need to seek help at the already overloaded primary care and ER facilities. We want you to know, we are taking additional measures to ensure we keep exposure risk down.

Planning Considerations:

  • Hospital-grade HEPA filters throughout the office and in each massage room, filtering the air every 12 minutes.

  • In accordance with WA State guidelines, we are requiring all employees and visitors wear masks (unless exempt) 

  • Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces such as workstations, countertops, adjusting tables, and doorknobs.

  • Provide hand sanitizer stations for all patients and employees

  • Utilize minimal waiting room or waiting in car until appointment to provide distancing options of 6ft or greater

  • Require employees to stay home if they are ill

  • Remove all the kid's toys, tables, and chairs; remove all magazines and shared self-serve items

  • Regularly use hand sanitizer or hand washing for 20 seconds

  • We ask that if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms such as fever (100.4 or greater), cough, shortness of breath, or runny nose, you remain home and take care of yourself until you are able to return for your much-needed care. If you are unsure if you should come in, please call our office prior to your appointment so you can be screened ahead of time 360-718-2346.


We understand that stress and angst is high.

We get it; we feel it; we empathize with you as our local community figures out how to live life during a pandemic.

When stress is high it affects our nerve system first. Your nerve system controls your body, including your immune system.

When stress gets above our body’s threshold to adapt, our muscles tense. Tense muscles are typically painful and lead to restricted motion in your neck and spine thus affecting your nerve system even more because your spine houses your spinal cord and requires proper motion to function correctly.

Chiropractic works on increasing motion to your spine thus increasing nerve system function thereby creating a higher expression of health. Chiropractic is not a silver bullet but something to be added to a healthy lifestyle. 

Dr. Scott Brahmer, DC
Clinic Director


There is a lot of information surrounding this outbreak... and a lot of MIS-information.

We recommend checking with the following organizations for updates: 

Follow the links below to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Follow the links below to the World Health Organization:


Follow the links below to Clark County Public Health:

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