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The BIB Remodel

About Our Temporary Location During Construction

Rather than deal with all the dust, debris, and noise during renovations, we have made the decision to lease a temporary space during construction. We only expect to be in this temporary space for a few months. 

But, great news- the temporary location is ONLY ONE BLOCK WEST of our current building! 


Where is the temporary location? And is there parking?

  • 8308 NE Mill Plain Blvd, Suite 102, Vancouver, WA 98664

  • Right next to Starbucks 

  • On site parking will be available 

  • Look for A-frame signs directing you to the new space

  • You can see the new space from our current building - it's that close! 


What hours will the temporary location be open?


  • We will be maintaining our current hours: 

    • Monday - Friday ~ 9:00 am to 6:00 pm​

    • Saturdays ~ 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

  • We will still have two massage rooms

  • Chiropractic rooms will be a little different - there will be two closed rooms and two open rooms.             If you prefer a closed room, please let us know and we can make accommodations.  

What phone numbers and mailing address should be used for the temporary location? 

  • You may still call or text us using the same office number, like always ~ 360-718-2346

  • All mail should continue to be sent to 8501 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98664 



Why are you renovating? 

Our building has been wonderful over the last decade but needs some TLC. We are expanding by adding: 

  • A new chiropractic wing with more chiropractic rooms

  • 4 new massage rooms (currently we have just two rooms)  

  • The exterior will be refreshed with new siding and stonework

Want to Learn More About BIB's Expansion and Renovations? 

If you would like to learn more about the our expansion and renovation project, please:


  • Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE to follow along with the construction journey. 


Get started today!

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