Dr. Scott Brahmer, D.C.
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Spinal Educator

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Meet The Team

Body in Balance received the Reader's Choice Best Chiropractor of Clark County in 2010.

Dr. Scott Brahmer, DC, BS, CPT Vancouver, WA Chiropractor Best of Clark County

A well known family practice chiropractor, Dr. Scott knew he wanted to be a chiropractor after a recreational football injury. He visited a chiropractor who was a hockey team member’s Dad. After seeing a drastic decrease in the time to heal, he knew he wanted to be able to provide a service to help people like him. After being involved in chiropractic through various injuries, he decided to gear his education to that goal and attended Westmont College, as a kinesiology major. While at Westmont he played four years of division II rugby and continued to play competitive hockey in the summers. It was during his schooling that he was certified as a personal trainer. He utlizes his training background to emphasize corrective exercises with all his patients.

He went on to attend Western States Chiropractic College, and continues to play for their school sponsored hockey team in Vancouver. Dr. Scott uses a diversified adjusting technique, as well as Activator method, arthrostim, and drop-table approaches. Dr. Scott uses the whole person approach and gives patients easy, tangible recommendations in all areas of health.

Dr. Scott has been the official team Chiropractor to the Vancouver Rugby Club. He aided the team in pre-game treatment of soft tissue injuries, athletic taping, as well as adjusting them before their match.

Body in Balance Chiropractic is honored to have been named Reader's Choice Best of Clark County 2010, following second place nominations in 2009, 2011, and 2012.

Marissa Held, LMP

Licensed Massage Practitioner (#MA60158715)Massage Vancouver, WA Chiropractic

Marissa is a graduate of Everest College in Vancouver, Washington completing 900 hrs of massage based education.

During the last few months of schooling she completed an extended class focusing on sports injury, theory, and application. As part of the class she was given the opportunity to work hands-on with local football team the Portland Thunderbolts, getting to attend their practices and games. She frequently integrates the skills developed from this educational experience into her daily massage regime.

In addition to bodywork, Marissa enjoys educating clients about muscles and their actions. This helps clients better understand what could be causing discomfort. She also works hard to teach proper habits, such as muscle specific stretching, to improve daily living.

Marissa's passion for massage began when she was young; growing up in a homeopathic (all natural) lifestyle. She believes helping people in a natural way runs in her blood, having several family members in both the massage and chiropractic fields. Outside of work she enjoys all outdoor activities including fishing, camping, and hiking. She loves spending time with her family; cooking together and enjoying a good movie.